IN MARCH 2016, 50 GAY PrEP ADVOCATES GIVE BLOOD TO PROTEST THE FDA'S BAN ON BLOOD DONATIONS FROM GAY & BISEXUAL MEN - Film by Leo Herrera, Sculpture by Jordan Eagles, Music by The Carry Nation

46 of these men agreed to be part of the #bloodequality campaign, a collaboration between the Blood Mirror project, FCB Health and GMHC.

Installation View, Trinity Wall Street, New York, NY

Installation View, American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington D.C. 

Blood Mirror Raw Footage (12-21-14, 3-15-15), 2015 (44:30, in collaboration with Leo Herrera

This work documents the interviews and blood donations of each of the nine blood donors in this project.  Each of the donors has a unique perspective or expertise that helps explain the flawed nuances of the FDA's policy. 


After previewing a selection of the raw footage, MSNBC commissioned Herrera to create a short film for its docuseries Shift. The 6-minute video below originally aired on and includes additional footage of Eagles creating the sculpture Blood Mirror, with an original musical score by NYC based DJ duo, The Carry Nation. This video premiered three days before World Blood Donor's Day, (June 14, 2015) and during the FDA's 60-day Public Comment Period.